Frederick (248/365)

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Tonight Andrew and I headed up to Frederick to see Arthur and Katy and their new baby, Lucy. Unfortunately, some scheduling snafus prevented us from actually meeting up with them so we had to make some game time change of plans.

We had been planning on having dinner with the new family, but we had to come up with alternate dinner plans. Now, there are worst places than Frederick to be when having to find a place to eat on the fly. There are dozens of great restaurants there. After doing some quick research Andrew and I randomly ended up at place just across the road from Arthur and Katy’s neighborhood, Avery’s Maryland Grill.

The food was actually pretty good. I think they really specialize in the whole crab picking thing, but I don’t like crabs and Andrew doesn’t want to do that much work for his dinner so we tried some of their other options. The atmosphere didn’t entirely match the quality of the food though. It had the feel of a slightly rundown, casual, sad hole-in-the-wall you would find just off the highway somewhere, which was a shame. With a little sprucing up, it would be quite lovely and would match the level of the food.

Hopefully we’ll get another chance to head up to Frederick soon, because I really want to meet baby Lucy!

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