Productive Day (249/365)

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Today was such a productive day. I started the day with my dreaded long run of the week. It was super sticky and hot (although not as bad as it’s been in the previous weeks), but I wanted to just get it over with. Fourteen miles later my legs were sore and I was a sweaty mess, but at least I got it over with.

After cooling down and eating some lunch I finally managed to wash and wax our car. It’s been due for months now and somehow I just got around to it. 



I had a few hours to kill before we headed down to Arlington for Andrew’s hockey game so I started working on my reupholstery project. I found this chair on Craigstlist and I’m trying to reupholster it in my newfound desire to actually decorate our house. So far it has consisted of pulling a bajillion staples out of this chair for hours.

Finally, we headed down to Kettler for Andrew’s hockey game. His team was playing for the championship and they won! They quickly fell behind 0-3 in the first period and then went on to score 7 straight goals. They managed to hang out despite the other team coming back to bring the score to 7-6 with just seconds left in the game. I don’t think they actually won anything, but it was cool to see him actually get to see some success after playing on pretty miserable team for years. 

I feel like I accomplished so much today and there’s still a whole day left in the weekend!

(I also forgot to take pictures of anything in the midst of my accomplishments.)

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