Sunday Night Dinner – Fajita Lasagna (320/365)

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Fajita Lasagna


We crossed food ethnicities tonight for dinner. While I was away all morning playing in a Thanksgiving-themed roller derby scrimmage (go Team Pumpkin Pie!), Andrew concocted this meal. 

Basically it’s a fajita…layered like a lasagna. Andrew lined the bottom of a 9×13 pan with a layer of corn tortillas. He then topped it with slices of grilled chicken, another layer of tortillas, sauteed peppers green, red, and jalapeno peppers, cheese, salsa, more tortillas, chicken, etc, until the pan was full. The whole thing went into the oven for just a little while to melt the cheese. 

Fajita Lasagna

We had a salad and homemade black beans as sides. The black beams were really good. Andrew slow cooked them in a concoction of water, broth, onions, garlic, bacon, and who knows what else, but it was such a good recipe.

Fajita Lasagna

We topped our lasagna slices with some sauteed jalapenos and black olives and declared Andrew’s dinner experiment a success!

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