Grilled Cheese Take II (349/365)

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Grilled Cheese Two Ways


We had grilled cheese for the second night in a row tonight. It’s just so good! Also, we had lots of leftover roasted tomatoes and pesto. The bread we used tonight was kind of little though so we each decided to have two sandwiches. In addition to the roasted tomato and pesto grilled cheese we also had a cheddar and apple grilled cheese. The cheddar and apple was decent, but not outstanding. The tomato and pesto really held up well though, but the multigrain seedy bread really brings it over the top.

Andrew also made (canned) tomato soup to go with our grilled cheese. It reminded me of Betsy, because she used to eat tomato soup as her default dinner (mine was cereal). After a few spoonfuls though, both Andrew and I decided we don’t really like canned tomato soup. Ah well, live and learn.


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