Happy Hanukkah! (350/365)

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Happy Hanukkah!


Happy Hanukkah! I hope you played a lot of dreidel, lit some candles, and stuffed your face full of latkes and donuts.

To be honest, we only did one of the four (we lit the candles, duh). Although, I could totally use a donut right now. If anyone wants to send some over, we’ll gladly accept them!

Here’s my little not-so-secret, secret. I don’t really like potato latkes, but I do have very specific ideas about how they should be made. This is such a pain and I can’t promise that given certain time constraints I won’t turn to my food processor, but I feel like the potatoes for latkes should be grated by hand. Something about the danger of hand grated them when you get down to the potato nubs makes them seem all that more authentic. Also, I think they get less liquidy. Potato latke batter should be thick and you should have to dodge flying drops of hot oil when frying. Hmm…when did latke making become a hazardous operation?

So, I may make latkes this year, I may not. We have a giant bag of potatoes so I better do something with them. 

Donuts though…that seems more likely. 


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