New Friends (356/365)

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This picture has nothing to do with what I’m going to type here, but I didn’t get a chance to take a picture beforehand, so this is what you’re stuck with.

Tonight we went to our fifth Hanukkah party of the year. Our temple decided to host a young-adult Hanukkah gathering and we decided to go, but not without some doubts. The fact that all the emails came to us starting with the sentence, “Parents, please forward this to your children!” made us think we were going to be a good decade older than everyone else.

We arrived a little late (fashionably so, you might say) and when we pulled into the parking lot, at first we thought we were the only ones there. There weren’t too many cars and we were half expecting to walk into an empty room. But we were pleasantly surprised when we got there to see about 10-12 people there. Most of them were about 5 or 6 years younger than us and the children of members of our temple. A few looked familiar, but I didn’t actually know any of them. It did turn out though, that I do in fact know a good number of their parents through my involvement with the Purim Shpiel and other temple activities.

However, we did end up hitting it off with the one other couple there. They are probably 2-3 years younger than us, but through conversation we figured out they live in the neighborhood as us! Both of them are really into hockey as well, so between that, work, and roller derby, we had plenty to talk about. We showed up thinking we’d stay for maybe 45 minutes and nearly two hours later we finally got out of there, with phone numbers and plans to hang out in the future. I’m excited to have new temple friends!

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