Hanukkah with Lucy (355/365)

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Hanukkah with the Millers


This is our stock photo of a family Hanukkah celebration.

This afternoon Andrew and I headed up to Frederick for a low-key Hanukkah celebration with Arthur and Katy and Lucy. Arthur’s Auntie Daryll came up and Katy’s parents and sister were also there. Melissa (Katy’s sister) also brought her son, Wyatt who was having a grand old time with wrapping paper, the dog, gifts, and anything breakable. He sure is cute though.

Hanukkah with the Millers

We had a lot of fun just kind hanging out and talking. Katy made some latkes that were exactly the way I like my latkes if I’m going to eat them. She also made donuts which were amazing. I think ate two, but I probably could have just sat at the table and slowly made my way through the whole pile.

Hanukkah with the Millers

Little Baby Lucy is basically cutest and was totally cool all afternoon despite the chaos that comes with a 1 year-old and a dog basically taunting each other. She got to light some candles (her hand-eye coordination is amazing for a four month-old!), open some gifts, and watch other people eat Hanukkah food.

Hanukkah with the Millers

She did break Andrew’s streak of babies adoring him.

Hanukkah with the Millers

This was our fourth Hanukkah party in two days and we aren’t done yet! One more tomorrow before an eventful last night of Hanukkah on Tuesday. Thanks, Arthur, Katy, Lucy, and Hank for having us over!

The Millers

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