Sunday Night Dinner – Carnitas

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Tonight’s dinner was just the two of us. It’s Jen and Evan’s first wedding anniversary, for the life of me, I’m not sure why they didn’t want to spend it with us.

But anyways…after last week’s Super Bowl party, we had an extra pork shoulder. Yes, that’s right. An entire extra pork shoulder. Because that’s what happens when you go shopping at Costco. Last week Andrew made pulled pork, but we can really only eat so much of that, so we had to come up with something different this week.

Andrew had toyed with making carnitas last week before going the pulled pork route, so it seemed like a good choice for this week. We did a quick internet search and the first recipe that came up had a boatload of good reviews and didn’t look too hard to make. The recipe and reviews were right.

We had our carnitas with yellow rice, leftover black beans, and some guacamole Andrew whipped up. The meat was flavorful and slightly crispy from the panfrying at the end of its cooking. We were having a debate of whether Chipotle fries their carnitas (the first time I had ever heard of carnitas was at Chipotle) because I don’t recall the crispy bits. They were definitely the tastiest bits though. It was a good choice, although now we’re going to be eating carnitas for the rest of the week. At least we don’t have a third pork shoulder to cook.

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