52 Weeks – Week 6

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My Mickey Mouse bank is getting too cool for school.


Slowing making our way through all that bacon. Also, I make fluffy scrambled eggs.


Caught a sunset from our backyard.


Suzy Hotrod came to train our league on Sunday morning. I was bummed I wasn’t skating, but it was totally cool to be able to watch and listen and learn.


It was 60 degrees out on Sunday so I was able to work on my table outside. Hand planing is hard work!

Week 6

I made some German Chocolate cupcakes for a cake tasting.

Week 6

I also made a practice cake for the cake tasting. This cake was cherry vanilla. I tried to take a picture of the cherries, but maraschino cherries are hard to photograph.

Week 6

We made carnitas for dinner on Sunday. The pork shoulder straight of the slow cooker is impressive.

Week 6

We went to the Kennedy Center for a show and had our traditional pre-show pizza dinner.


It was the second to last night of the show “Gigi”. I really liked it! Vanessa Hudgens starred and I thought she did a good job. They’re heading to Broadway next so it was cool to get see the cast before they head up to New York.


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