Sunday Night Dinner – Blue Pot Chicken

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Blue Pot Chicken

I finally had the famous Blue Pot Chicken!

Andrew and I went down to his parent’s house for Sunday Night Dinner this week (Jen and Evan apparently had better things to do than hang with us) and it was a delightful evening. Also, it forced me to change out of my pajama and leave the house after secluding myself for over 24 hours.

We braved the frigid weather, (honestly 6 degrees is a little too chilly for me), and walked into the house to the smells of something warm and toasty. Nancy had made this toasted almond and brie concoction, which served with slices of bread was really good. Creamy brie and crunchy almonds and bread? Yes please.


Blue Pot Chicken is…made in a blue pot. Knowing the color of the vessel that it was cooked in did little to indicate the actual flavor (unless something went seriously awry with the pot), but I’m under the impression there are variations on the dish, but it always contains chicken and it’s always made in a blue pot.

This version had peppers, artichokes, maybe some onions, and was cooked in a tomato sauce. It was served over seasoned brown rice and was delicious, especially on a cold day. Also. Also. For perhaps the first time in the history of me eating, I finished my meal first! Usually I linger and meander through my meal. I stop and talk, take breaks, and am just an outrageously slow eater. But, between the five of us, I won the non-existent meal eating race by a landslide. Part because it was exactly the meal I wanted that night and in part because it was really good. 

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