Sunday Night Dinner – Spicy Thai Noodles

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SND - Spicy Glass Noodles

This Sunday Night Dinner is actually from last week, but since we didn’t have a Sunday Night Dinner this week, might as well post about it now since I didn’t get a chance to write about it before.

I was perusing the internets when I stumbled upon this recipe. It didn’t look too hard to make and it seemed like it would be full of interesting flavors and textures. Slippery noodles, crispy pork, peanuts, and a bit of hot pepper.

This recipe has a bunch of moving parts, but if you do it right, everything somehow magically comes together at the right time and you can toss it all together in a bowl in a little more than a half hour.

After I decided to make this as a main dish, I realized the recipe actually called for it as a side dish, so at the last minute we decided to supplement it with some vegetables. I stir-fried some bok choy in garlic and oil and Andrew made an Asian-inspired spinach salad. We managed to finish it all off (which has basically never happened before) and for dessert I remade the strawberry shortbread crumble from the week before. Yum!

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