52 Weeks – Week 29

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After the excitement of last week, this week was rather low-key. I’ve been through a ridiculous saga with my car involving torque converters, miscommunications, broken air conditioning, and lots and lots of driving to Virginia. I finally got my car back fully-functional after eating lunch at Panera…Andrew’s new favorite lunch spot.

Week 29

On Saturday we went to a baptism for the daughter of one of Andrew’s friend’s. It was my first baptism and afterwards they had an insane party, complete with a candy bar in celebration.

Week 29

I made a passport holder. Apparently these are things. I’m not entirely sure why, but since we’ve got a big trip coming up, I figured it was something worth trying.


I got bored and decided to make chimichurri sauce. Fun fact…no citrus in this recipe. It was darn good though. Tangy and delicious!

Week 29

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