SND – Korean Short Ribs

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SND - Korean Short Rib

Andrew went all out for dinner tonight. I was out and about most of the day today so dinner was up to him. When I walked in the door this afternoon my stomach was rumbling and the aromas coming out of the kitchen were unreal.

He made Korean braised short ribs and when I walked in the door they were 6 hours into their 10 hour cook in the slow cooker. When they came out, the meat fell off the bone and the flavor was rich and amazing.

For sides he made Korean spinach and stir-fried cucumbers which might be my new favorite Korean side dish. They are crispy and a little salty and stir-fried in flavorful sesame oil. This meal was a total hit with everyone. We’re slowly but surely building up our Korean cooking repertoire which is the best!

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