SND – Zucchini Pasta

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Last week’s SND stands for Saturday Night Dinner instead of Sunday Night Dinner. We switched it up, because Melissa and Elise came down for a mini-Cornell reunion in DC! A few weekends ago was our ten-year college reunion, but instead of all of us trekking up to Ithaca we decided to make in a little bit more local (for some of us).

After spending Friday night forcing my friends to craft with me and then following it up with a lively viewing of the women’s gymnastics nationals (Aly Raisman may be my new favorite, but Simone Biles is insane), we spent the day down in Virginia with Jen and Owen on Saturday. After starting off the morning with some bagels, the five of us went to the Falls Church Farmers Market. That place was packed! While we were there, Melissa and Elise steered us towards some beautiful produce for dinner. Upon the recommendation, we decided to make this awesome zucchini pasta dish.

Elise and I decided to take on the beet making, which involved us steaming the beats for about 45 minutes, then peeling them, staining our shirts, and (mostly) successfully cutting them without burning our fingers.

The salad was made from greens fresh from Jen’s garden! She’s square foot gardening this year and it’s going like gangbusters! Here garden is super impressive and makes me want to try it, if only our yard got consistent sun. 🙁


Can’t believe it’s been TEN years since we graduated college! We’ve been through a lot – new jobs, new cities, weddings, buying houses, having babies…I’m lucky to have such great friends!

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