Montgomery County Fair Cake

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Andrew and I have been going to the Montgomery County Fair every year for the past few years. It’s a straight up agricultural fair and we’ve always enjoyed spending a few evening hours there walking around and enjoying the hustle and bustle. As we walk into the fair we beeline it through the bright lights and rides and head straight back to the stalls and stalls of animals, arts, and produce. 

Normally we get there in time to catch the pig racing, but this year we were a little late and got there in time just to see the potbellied pigs running the course. I mean, the potbellied pigs are the best ones so it wasn’t a loss, but we didn’t get the full experience. 

After wandering through the stalls of animals, checking out the award-winning (and stinky) rabbits, enjoying the miniature horses, and marveling at the gigantic Brahman cattle, we always end up at the back near the produce and 4H contests.

Montgomery County Fair

Montgomery County Fair

I’m not entirely sure what the judges are looking for when they judge produce, but the displays sure make for pretty pictures. I’m pretty sure I take that tomato picture every year.

I also feel like these award winning carrots must have lost a little bit of the bravado in the days between the judging and when we got to see them. Or else, I really have ZERO idea about what makes award winning produce.

We also check out the artwork, quilting, and cakes. Every year I look at the cakes and comment that I should enter one, so this year I finally did. It took a while to come up with a concept for the cake but I eventually settled on…the fair. I used diluted gel food coloring to paint the sunset onto the bottom tier of the cake. The tent and ride silhouettes were drawn on using edible markers. The second tier was homage to the pig races we watch every year, and the top tier highlighted the farm aspect of the fair.

Entering the cake was pretty easy. You just dropped it off and the volunteers figured out which category you would be competing in. I entered the Non-Tube Decorated Fair Themed Cake category. Yes, it’s that specific. The judging was done the next day and was closed to outsiders so I didn’t find out how I did until Andrew and I visited the fair a few days later.

Turns out I won some stuff! I won three ribbons and I’m still only partially sure what they are for. The blue ribbon was for winning my category (Non-tube Decorated Fair Themed Cake). I think the Champion ribbon was for winning Best Decorated Cake by an Adult and the Grand Champion was for Best Entry is Decorated Cakes (all ages and types). I felt pretty good about how I did for my first entry. Next year I’ll have to make a go at Best in Show!

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