Sunday Night Dinners Are Back! (5/365)

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Sausage and Kale Soup



Before the New Year, Jen, Evan, Andrew, and I started a short-lived tradition of having Sunday night dinner together. We’re all so crazy busy that setting a regularly scheduled evening aside was a great way to ensure that we still got to see each other even as things went nuts with the rest of our lives. I think it only lasted about three weeks before the holidays took over and chaos ensued. But those three weeks were great. We took turns hosting and got a few quality hours of good conversation and good company.

Well, now that the holidays have passed, our Sunday night dinners are back on. Evan and Jen hosted this week. Andrew and I drove down to Virginia and were welcomed from the cold rain into a warm house that smelled delicious. Tonight’s dinner was a bit of an experiment for Jen and Evan but it turned out wonderfully. 

They made us sausage and kale soup that was served with mashed potatoes and roasted broccoli and roasted fennel. According to the recipe, we were all supposed to top our soup with the mashed potatoes. It seemed a little weird, but it worked out quite well. I was a big fan of the mashed potatoes. Our Sunday night dinners are great because we all seem to put in a little extra effort to make something a little different each week. We’re hosting next week – what should we make?

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