What am I going to do??

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I’m moving. I think I might have mentioned this a couple of times.

However, amidst all of the excitement, I never quite got around to calling the thorn in my side to get my internet and cable hooked up. So by the time I called them up, they so nicely (not nicely) told me they couldn’t come to set everything up until Tuesday. However, some people (me) have jobs and can’t sit around for a good 4 hours in the middle of the day to wait for someone to come and flip a switch. So, they are coming next Saturday. Which means…


I’m actually guessing I’m going to be very productive. The amount of time I spend on the computer playing this and this is really unhealthy. (Also, if you clicked those links…you’re welcome.) I imagine I will do all sorts of running and biking and baking. But it also means the posting might be a little light next week. Or I’ll be getting very familiar with my local Starbucks getting my internet fix.

A few goals for my impending internet hiatus (you know, besides the 8 hours a day I sit in front of an internet-accessible computer at work):

  1. Finish Riding Rockets
  2. Bake marscapone brownies
  3. Ride my bike at least two times this week
  4. Run at least 3 time this week
  5. Finish unpacking
  6. Actually do my Hebrew homework
  7. Read at least one other book
  8. Watch the West Wing (I have 6 more seasons to watch…not sure that is necessarily a good goal for this one week, but at least make a small dent)

Wish me luck! I might be able to make a couple of posts this week, but if you see very many, it means I am probably failing with my little plan. Have a happy (and productive) week!

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