Apparently the world hasn’t ended yet…

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It’s been three days sans internet in the new house and it appears as though I’m surviving (I’m also using the internet at a variety of other places seeing as I’m posting this right now). I’ve thought a lot about this and I think it’s the having access to the technology (i.e. the computer) but just not having the connection to the internet that makes this seem like a big deal to me. For instance, if I was sitting in a tent in the middle of the woods and didn’t have the internet, I don’t think that would bother me. (Oh wait, I did that…and somehow there was still internet..hmm..)

But, in all reality, not being able to get my Chain Factor fix every night really hasn’t been that big of a deal. I’m making progress on my list:

1. Finish Riding Rockets
I’m actually nowhere close finishing this book, but I did sit in our reading nook the other day and read a couple of chapters.

2. Bake marscapone brownies
Um..I bought all of the ingredients and printed out the recipe? Perhaps that will be in store for tonight?

3. Ride my bike at least two times this week
There are still three days left in the week!

4. Run at least 3 time this week
Went running on Monday. Got horribly lost. Managed to somehow find my neighborhood again.

5. Finish unpacking
Looking pretty good. The furniture is unpacked and even managed to hang up a few things. This is a step up from when I first moved and it took me a year and half to put anythign on my walls.

6. Actually do my Hebrew homework
Mostly did that. Apparently I don’t pay attention in class and didn’t realize I had another page to do. Luckily we aren’t graded on our home (or on anything really).

7. Read at least one other book
See #1. Must complete that one first.

8. Watch the West Wing (I have 6 more seasons to watch…not sure that is necessarily a good goal for this one week, but at least make a small dent)
I watched one episode. And the entire Stick It commentary. Wow I chose Stick It over West Wing. I think I  am ashamed.

Not too bad? Perhaps if I’m all top of things I’ll actually have a recipe for you guys later this week. Perhaps it will be a brownie recipe. Betcha didn’t see that one coming…


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