Christmas Baking (360/366)

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Christmas Baking(361/366)

I hope everyone had a great Christmas (or movie watching and Chinese eating day for those who don’t necessarily celebrate Christmas)!

Andrew and I headed down to Arlington to hang out with his family for Christmas this morning. After some awesome breakfast casserole, we exchanged gifts. Basically I got A LOT of candy. They know me well. 🙂

We had a late dinner which was amazing. We had mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, ham, brussel sprouts, beef tenderloin, rolls, and stuff. I basically ate myself silly because it was all so good.

Per usual, I brought some desserts with me, but what I was looking forward to most was the lemon meringue pie. We’ve had it for the past few Christmases and man that stuff is awesome. Apparently I’m on a lemon kick this year. The lemon and lime bars I made are by far my favorite dessert out of the four. They’re just so refreshing and pretty!

Now it’s time to sleep off this food coma. I’ve got the rest of the week off and a laundry list of things to do (but the laundry is not one of them).

Merry Christmas!

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