Honey Pig (361/366)

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(Correction: I have recently been informed that some of Andrew’s friends had eaten Korean BBQ before we met, so I can’t take all the credit there.)

Honey Pig


I love that I’ve gotten my friends to love Korean BBQ. When I first started dating Andrew, he had never had it before. Neither had his friends. Since then, we’ve made our way to many of the Korean restaurants in the Baltimore-Washington area. One of our favorites is Honey Pig. There’s one down in VA and one up in MD and we’ve been to both many times. Andrew has gotten so good at this Korean BBQ thing that he can order the dishes in Korean. I think that makes up for my lack of Korean skills and the blank look I give the servers as they spew off a series of incomprehensible sentences to me.

This is also now the third picture I have posted of myself sticking my face through one of these board things. Apparently I just can’t pass up a good (or bad) photo op. The other two are here and here.

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