5-26-13 (362/366)

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I’m not sure I ever shared what our save-the-date looked like on here. I know I posted about it before, but never actually put the picture up.

We took this picture during one of the brief weekends I was home from Florida this summer. We headed over to Brookside Gardens at Wheaton Regional Park with a camera, a tripod, and a bunch of balloons.

I think by the end of this photo session, Andrew was going to pop every single one of those balloons and ban us from ever taking a picture again. Let’s just say that it was a particularly windy day with some uncooperative gusts and poor timing on our part.

But, after taking a maybe a hundred, oh wait, one hundred and fifty seven pictures, we got maybe five that would work. With a little technical magic this is the picture we ended up with. I actually really love it and I think it captures who we are as a couple pretty well. It stacks right up there with this one.

Andrew’s parents took our picture, blew it up, and put it on a canvas for us. We hung it in the living room and I think it looks really good there. Our wedding is less than five month away…yikes!

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