Reminiscing (351/365)

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This afternoon I did an interview for the Adoption and Jewish Identity Project. It was two and a half hours of me talking about myself. Talking about myself as someone who is Jewish and talking about myself as someone who is Korean and talking about myself as someone who is adopted and how those three things intermingle in my life.

Basically it was a long journey down memory lane and in the end I showed the interviewer a couple of pictures of me from when I was growing up. After I showed them to her, she asked me if I could scan them and any other interesting photos I might have and send them to her. Which then led me down a whole other path. When my mom was here earlier this year, she brought with her a whole crate of photos. A lot of them are from when I was a baby and there are progressively fewer and fewer as I get older, until late high school and into college. I used to claim I didn’t really have an awkward phase. Yeah, that’s completely wrong. I was just blissfully unaware of exactly how awkward I looked and I’m grateful for that.



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