Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (353/365)

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Kennedy Center


Tonight we went to see our third show of the season at the Kennedy Center. It was the first time we got to sit in our seats in the Opera House and I have to say, they aren’t too shabby. We’re in the first row center of the balcony which means we have the full view of everything. It’s great.

We saw the new production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I had first seen this show when I was younger with Donny Osmond in the role of Joseph and I loved it. I was instantly obsessed with the soundtrack and to this day still know all of the socks by heart.

That being said, this meant I was surprised when the show opened and there were girls in yoga pants and guys with messenger bags walking across the stage. This new show has a new take on the story. While the songs are still the same, the interpretation has been updated and modernized. The cast all wears sneakers and the songs and choreography are much slicker (?) than I remember. I liked the new songs and dances, but the two leads were sort of disappointing to me. The Narrator was ok. Her voice is decent, but not as commanding as I would have liked. And Joseph? He sounded like a muppet. I found it very distracting, but Andrew didn’t seem to notice or mind.

So, my nostalgia won over in the end. It was still a really fun evening, but the show did not stand up to my expectations. I liked it, but I’m not overly itching to see it again. 

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