Hanukkah Extravaganzas (354/365)

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So much Hanukkah!

We got invited to three Hanukkah parties on Saturday and as the invitations kept rolling in, I asked Andrew how we were going to choose which ones to go to. To which he replied, “We’ll go to them all!” And we did. 

We started our Hanukkah-filled evening over at Raine’s. That’s Raine in the picture. We belong to the same temple and have been doing the behind-the-scenes stuff for the Purim Shpiel for a whole bunch of years. During this time we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well and she’s become a great friend. We had a great time and it was a fun way to start the evening. I ate an inappropriate amount of dumplings at her house before we headed to the next party.

The second party was also hosted by people from our temple. Allie came to visit me at work a while ago and her house was the second stop. We knew a fair number of people there and ended up spending a lot of time chatting with our rabbi about his recent visit to the White House (!!). We only stayed there for a short time, before heading to our third party of the evening.

Our third and last party was hosted by Jen and Evan which we rolled up to fashionably late. But things were still in full swing and it was the perfect party to end the evening on. Jen had baked five bajillion baked goods which I proceeded to sample over and over again. It was fun to catch up with a lot of Evan’s friends who we hadn’t seen in a while and just to hang out and chill. Three parties is a lot of parties for me.

This is basically how I felt when the evening was finally over:

Scan 5

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