52 Weeks – Week 11

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After nearly four months away, I returned to the climbing gym. It was a little tough and I’m a little sore, but it sure was glad to be moving again.



I spent Saturday with the Abels. We went out to breakfast, hung out at the mall, went to a basketball game, and chilled out for a while. It was a full and totally fun day. The Abels are the best.




Daylight savings means it’s still light out when I leave work. Sometimes I catch some pretty sweet sunsets.



My project is coming along. I’m making serious progress now. It’s going to be nice to have porch back too.



Our washing machine kicked the bucket. After over two weeks without one, it was surprisingly exciting to get the new one delivered. We only had about eight loads of laundry to do at that point. Oh the joys of adulthood.

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