SND – Thai Sticky Rice with Meat and Veggies

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Although this meal doesn’t have a particularly glamorous name – Thai sticky rice with meat and veggies – it was still delicious. While the name lacked in creativity, the meal definitely made up with flavor. Plus, sticky rice is the best. When we walked in, Jen was busy stirring away at the stove, and I have to admit, the meat and veggies part of the meal looked…uninteresting. The meat veggies were sauteed in a skillet and then she added fish sauce and coconut milk which made a somewhat unappetizing meat and veggie chowder looking thing. Jen ended up adding a small spoonful of curry paste which not only added a little bit of color, but a little bit of zing flavor-wise. The four of us gobbled it up, I don’t even think there were really any leftovers. So, not flashy, but delicious!



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