SND – Shrimp and Pesto Pasta

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Shrimp and Pesto

Last week was a busy week, with a last minute trip to California smack dab in the middle of the week. So I was glad when this weekend turned out to be a nice mix of low-key social activities and relaxing. 

Friday night Andrew and I went to see A Mid Summer Night’s Dream at the Folger Shakespeare Theater in DC. We had heard some great reviews of it from friends and I’m pleased to say they were no exaggeration. The show was wonderful and fun and was a nice way to kick off the weekend after a busy week.

Saturday we got to hang out with friends. Now that I’m in my thirties, there sure are a lot more kids around! Which brings me to today. Jen, Evan, and Owen came over for Sunday Night Dinner. I haven’t cooked SND in a while, so this week I decided to give Andrew a break and took charge of dinner. We started with Caesar salad and the I made a shrimp and pesto pasta dish. Jen remarked that it was a very Jen-and-Evan dinner, which is true. I hardly ever cook pasta (which was apparent by the fact that I didn’t know if I was supposed to cover the pasta or not when cooking), but I wanted something sort of light tonight. 

The pesto in homemade, but even with that, you could get this entire meal together in under a half hour. The pesto keeps in light and this shrimp is a nice change of pace. Just the meal I was looking for.

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