Happy Purim!

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It’s Purim! One of the most fun Jewish holidays! Tonight Andrew and I are helping out with our temple’s annual Purim Shpiel (play). We work as the stage crew for our crude set dressings. It’s the culmination of months of work and we have just one performance. Best not screw up!

Purim is also the time to make one of my favorite cookies – Hamantaschen. Poppy seed filling is my favorite and Andrew favors strawberry. I think part of the appeal is that I only make them once a year, but that’s probably a good thing. I’ve made nearly 70 cookies and have approximately 13 left. The key to this recipe is that, if you fold the cookies the right way, they consistently stay together in a triangle shape without bursting open and oozing filling all over the place. I overlap my corners instead of pressing them together and it works like a charm!

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