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After taking 365 366 pictures, there are a few good ones, a few bad ones, and a bunch of ok ones.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the past year. Some of them I love because of quality of the picture and some are my favorite because of subject. Hint: most of my favorite quality pictures are from days in which I was able to take a picture in natural light. Those opportunities were few and  far between, but light really is key.

Picture 2/366

Since it was still the holidays when I made this cake, I had ample time to work on it during actual daytime hours. I was given very specific instructions for this cake which included making funfetti cake, which has basically changed my cake life. I firmly believe funfetti cake is the happiest cake on earth and I’m totally making it for our wedding cake.

I made this horse cake a couple of months after making an lion cake. They were very similar in construction and I learned a lot from making the lion. I was able to parlay that knowledge and improve my technique which lead to very clean cake in my opinion.

Horse Cake

Picture 13/366

I’m really proud of this picture because I think it’s the only time in my life I’ve taken a sport picture that doesn’t just look like a blurry blob. When Andrew and I went to this game, we had seats fairly close to the ice in the 100 section. I brought my big camera and fancy 100 mm lens. I was able to take this picture through the glass (which is why there’s a shadow in the bottom left-hand corner), just as Brooks Laich was passing by. This was a definitely a lucky shot, but I’ll take what I can get. Also, Brooks Laich is a class act.

Brooks Laich

Picture 10/366

I actually took this picture with my camera phone. The sunsets in Santa Barbara are just breathtaking. I did do some post-processing to this photo, because I don’t think even the best camera phone could take a picture this vibrant.

Santa Barbara Sunset

Picture 32/366

The Thoe is hilarious.

The Thoe


Picture 63/366

So I really love this picture. I can’t help it. It’s just so colorful and cheerful and pretty. I can’t remember the last time I was so excited about a baking project either. Elise started helping me with these cupcakes right before she left and I was sad she did not get to see the finished product in person. They just make me so happy.

Butterfly Cupcakes

Picture 85/366

This was another camera phone picture. It was taken the third day we were in Mexico. We had just gotten off a boat where I successfully went snorkeling for the first time with Andrew in the ridiculously warm, blue, and beautiful waters of the Caribbean. This picture was taken on the beach outside of the place we had eaten for lunch. It was beautiful, I was with Andrew, and just content.

Isla Mujeres

Picture 90/366

This is the most food styling I had ever done with regards to a photograph. I was very proud of my use of daisies and natural light.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Picture 104/366

I thought we were being a little bit subtle here with our announcement. Turns out it wasn’t subtle at all.

Lucky Friday the 13th!


Picture 149/366

I love this picture of a picture because, well…look at it. I look like an idiot. And it’s hilarious.

Right, the face says it all

Picture 171/366

There’s so much to love about this picture. But really, my mother as an astronaut. MY MOTHER AS AN ASTRONAUT.

She's Ready for Liftoff


Picture 188/366

I love this picture because it reminds me how lucky I am. At this point of the summer I was desperately homesick and just wanted to be back in Maryland with Andrew and in our house. I flew back for the weekend for his birthday and when I got home Andrew had prepared a Simmie-Shabbat-dinner. He had made Korean food and gotten everything ready for our Friday night Shabbat dinners. Our wedding colors are lemon and lime and he had even made us a nice centerpiece. I remember feeling bad that he had done all of this for HIS birthday and just so happy to see him.

Birthday Dinner

Picture 202/366

This picture gets a mention here, mostly because on Flickr some random person commented that I looked like an Oompa Loompa.

Looking Concerned

Picture 210/366

Melissa and I have known each other just about 10 years now. And over that course of 10 years, we’ve done handstands all over the place. We’ve taken this picture in Denmark in front of the Little Mermaid Statue. We’ve taken this picture in front of Mount Rushmore. We’ve taken this picture in front of the Washington Monument (apparently we like to do handstands in front of famous landmarks). While there’s no famous landmark here, I’m mostly impressed that 10 years later we can still do handstands.


Picture 236/366

This was the day before we thought RBSP was going to launch. What’s most remarkable is that I’M STANDING ON A LAUNCH PAD. Well in front of it sort of. Sometimes my job is ridiculous and at this very moment I really appreciated that fact.

Less Than A Day To Go

PIcture 242/366

I was only in Miami for a short while, but I loved taking pictures there. It was such a sunny day and everything is just so bright and happy there. This picture brings me right back to that beach.

Miami Beach

Picture 262/366

That bread looks amazing right? I’m not sure how I got it to look so good. I know I took this picture at night and I know I used a flash. Now if I could only remember the exact setup, I think it would have quite a positive effect on my future photography.

Fresh Out of the Oven

Picture 294/366

C’mon, this picture is ridiculously adorable, right? It’s spontaneous (and taken by a complete stranger) and does a pretty good job of capturing how we are as a couple. Basically I love it.

Sometimes You Have To Get Creative

Picture 316/366

How’s this for a dramatic picture of a cookie? I can hear the background music now. The longer I look at this picture, the louder it swells.

Nutella Cookies

Picture 335/366

Why hello there avocado. I don’t even really like avocados, but this one looks so fresh and delectable. Also, this is when we were on our healthy eating kick and I feel so responsible when I’m looking at this picture.

Black Bean Stew

Picture 360/366

I got to take all of these photos with natural light. Can you tell? Since it was over the holiday break, I also had ample time to try to do a little bit of food styling. I didn’t go too far with it, but I snuck a few props in there. I think the picture of the lemon and lime squares is my favorite because it’s the closest to looking like I actually know what I’m doing with a baking blog.

Christmas Baking

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