Creative Day (25/365)

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Today was a creative day. Jen came over all glammed up to work on some wedding crafts. While Andrew and Evan got their video game fix for the day, I showed Jen how to use the sewing machine and she worked it like a pro. Given my minimal knowledge of how to actually sew, I was very proud of her accomplishments after just a few hours. Plus, she got to check a few more things off her wedding list. 



Earlier in the day we had oneg duty which is why I made 102 cupcakes yesterday. The cupcakes went over well at temple and made me realize I had really been overachieving the last few onegs. Butterfly cupcakes, rainbow cupcakes, the cupcake tree, and starry cutout cupcakes were all basically ridiculously over-the-top considering the reaction I got when we brought these out. It’s such a captive audience at temple though, I can hardly help myself.

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