Things That Are Exciting That Shouldn’t Be Exciting (291/366)

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As this is (sometimes) a baking blog, it probably shouldn’t be a particularly exiting¬†occurrence¬†that I am baking. However, my many extracurricular activities have not left a lot of time for baking, so it’s nice to actually be doing it, and it’s nice to have a reason to bake. I have two cakes to make for this weekend. Hopefully I can finish them without having to stay up until two in the morning.

Doing laundry

Our dryer has been broken for well over a month. We managed to get a few loads in here and there while covering every available surface with wet clothes. Air drying only works some of the time though. Crispy clothes aren’t that comfortable. After three visits from the repair man and two visits from the vent cleaning guy, our dryer is back up and working. Andrew did at least seven loads of laundry today. I picked a good one.


The prospect of going to bed before 11 PM is kind of exciting. I’m sleepy. And old.

Sometimes life can’t be all state-crossing bike rides, rock climbing, rocket launches, airplane rides, Mexican adventures, and hockey games.

Hm…this has been a busy year so far.

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