Five Years

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Hey Andrew, I once told you I would make you a cake when we’d been together for five years. Well, we’ve made it to five years of marriage, so what kind of cake do you want?! Five years ago I made our wedding cake and smashed it in Andrew’s hair and ear despite him telling me to smash it anywhere BUT his hair and ear. Oops…oh well, we were already married! 🙂  

Jen and Chris’s Wedding

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A few weeks ago I flew up to Massachusetts for Jen and Chris’s wedding celebration. They actually got married a month before in Mexico, so they had a lovely celebration of their wedding near their (and my) hometown. I went up a few days before to make the cake for the party because as one of the friends I’ve known the longest, there’s no way I was not going to make Jen’s wedding cake (unless she didn’t want me to. I’m not pushy like that). Jen and I met the summer before freshman year of high school. We bonded over … Read More

Wedding Fun! (228/365)

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Today was our first full day in Seattle. Wet merry up with Rob, Cantwell, and Falwell for lunch after sleeping in. The five of us had down towards Pikes Place Market to find a bite to eat. After lunch we walked through the market for a little while before the outrageous crowds scared us off. Instead we went to go look for some coffee since we heard they like that kind of stuff in Seattle. By then it was time to head back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding. The wedding was at an old manor outside … Read More

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