Aly’s Birthday Cake

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Remember when I made that Star Wars Lego cake and I said that I would make each of the Abel kids a cake by their tenth birthday? Well, we blew that rule right out of the water. This is Aly’s birthday cake. Her eleventh birthday cake. Whoops. Turns out last year she was out of town for her tenth birthday, so I gave her a one year extension. When I asked what kind of cake she wanted, she said, “A three tiered wedding cake that’s pink and gold with flowers”. Ok, I like your thinking Aly. Reach for the stars. … Read More

Four Years

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Four years ago the rain had just passed and we were freezing our butts off (or at least I was), just enjoying a moment together before our shindig got underway. Not sure I could have imagined what these past four years were going to be like, but I’m still enjoying my moments together with you! Happy Anniversary Andrew!

Lemon Thyme Chicken Thighs

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If we’re being honest, I don’t usually cook that much during the week. I like cooking, but after getting up early, working a full day at the office, and picking up Lulu, I’m not always up for the challenge. The one downside, is that the three of us don’t usually get to eat together because Lulu usually starts her dinner before Andrew gets home and then we eat after she goes to bed. In an effort to at least sometimes have a family meal, I’ve taken it upon myself to actually make dinner once in a while. And last night’s … Read More

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