SND – Fajitas (again)

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Finally! After over a month since our last Sunday Night Dinner, Jen, Evan, and Owen came over for lunch today. Seriously, it’s been a while. Late Saturday night we realized we hadn’t actually planned anything, so Andrew got up early this morning, went to the store, and came back with ingredients for fajitas! A few minutes after Jen, Evan, and Owen walked in the front door, Andrew walked in the back door with an enormous platter of meat. Like, so much chicken and beef. Apparently it was on sale. And it was delicious. The chicken was marinated in an adobo … Read More

Owen’s First Birthday Cake

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Today we celebrated Owen’s first birthday! Jen and Evan did a spectacular job putting together an adorable book-themed birthday party. Every food item was related to a book (meatball subs to go with Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Swedish fish for Red Fish, Blue Fish, you get the idea). It was very clever and delicious! Their house quickly filled up with family and friends and kids ranging from 7-weeks to 8-years-old. It was fun seeing all the different kids in their various stages of development, from the sleepy babies to the rambunctious toddlers. My how our lives have changed…  … Read More

SND – Masas De Puerco

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We got together for lunch this week. Andrew made masas de puerco which are Cuban fried pork chunks. When he said he wanted to make it, I was intrigued, but honestly had no idea what it was going to be like. It involved watching a YouTube video over and over and 30 (yes, you read that right) cloves of garlic, but it turned out really good.  The meat is marinated overnight in a citrus marinade. It’s then cooked in a dutch oven with water and some fat. In this crazy way, the water cooks the meat and as it evaporates, … Read More

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