Happy Purim!

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Last weekend, in preparation for Purim, Malice (derby name, not real name), Mr. Malice (derby name, not real name), and Ella (derby name and real name) came over to make hamantaschen. After having a nice lunch, we pulled out the rolling pins, found our cookie cutters, and got down to business. Everyone has her favorite flavor. Mine is the traditional poppyseed, some like raspberry jam, strawberry jelly, or even nutella. Sometimes I go on a limb and add chocolate chips to my hamantaschen. I’m a mavrick, I know. It was Malice’s first time making hamantaschen and I think she mastered … Read More

Happy Purim!

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It’s Purim! One of the most fun Jewish holidays! Tonight Andrew and I are helping out with our temple’s annual Purim Shpiel (play). We work as the stage crew for our crude set dressings. It’s the culmination of months of work and we have just one performance. Best not screw up! Purim is also the time to make one of my favorite cookies – Hamantaschen. Poppy seed filling is my favorite and Andrew favors strawberry. I think part of the appeal is that I only make them once a year, but that’s probably a good thing. I’ve made nearly 70 … Read More

52 Weeks – Week 9

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Apparently I was a little light on the photography this week. It felt like sort of a hectic week between traveling and Purim and snow and prepping to make a wedding cake that I think picture taking was low on my list of priorities.  I left Berkeley on Thursday afternoon. It was sad to leave the warm weather, but at that point, I was glad to go home. Our Saturday tradition is to get Peruvian chicken before Andrew goes to his hockey games. We split a half and get an order of nice starchy steak fries. We had this ridiculous … Read More

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