Aly’s Birthday Cake

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Remember when I made that Star Wars Lego cake and I said that I would make each of the Abel kids a cake by their tenth birthday? Well, we blew that rule right out of the water. This is Aly’s birthday cake. Her eleventh birthday cake. Whoops. Turns out last year she was out of town for her tenth birthday, so I gave her a one year extension. When I asked what kind of cake she wanted, she said, “A three tiered wedding cake that’s pink and gold with flowers”. Ok, I like your thinking Aly. Reach for the stars. … Read More

Star Wars Lego Cake

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I’ve promised each of the Abel kids one spectacular birthday cake, as long as they cash it in before their tenth birthday. Deadlines are approaching and flying by, so it was time to get some cake orders in. Jackson turned nine this year and for his birthday he requested this Star Wars Lego cake. This wasn’t the first time I’d made a Star Wars Lego cake, but the last time I made one was over seven years ago and made at a point in my life when I could pull all-nighters making cake without a tiny human clamoring for my attention. The last … Read More

Owen’s First Birthday Cake

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Today we celebrated Owen’s first birthday! Jen and Evan did a spectacular job putting together an adorable book-themed birthday party. Every food item was related to a book (meatball subs to go with Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Swedish fish for Red Fish, Blue Fish, you get the idea). It was very clever and delicious! Their house quickly filled up with family and friends and kids ranging from 7-weeks to 8-years-old. It was fun seeing all the different kids in their various stages of development, from the sleepy babies to the rambunctious toddlers. My how our lives have changed…  … Read More

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