Star Wars Lego Cake

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I’ve promised each of the Abel kids one spectacular birthday cake, as long as they cash it in before their tenth birthday. Deadlines are approaching and flying by, so it was time to get some cake orders in. Jackson turned nine this year and for his birthday he requested this Star Wars Lego cake. This wasn’t the first time I’d made a Star Wars Lego cake, but the last time I made one was over seven years ago and made at a point in my life when I could pull all-nighters making cake without a tiny human clamoring for my attention. The last … Read More

Montgomery County Fair Cake

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Andrew and I have been going to the Montgomery County Fair every year for the past few years. It’s a straight up agricultural fair and we’ve always enjoyed spending a few evening hours there walking around and enjoying the hustle and bustle. As we walk into the fair we beeline it through the bright lights and rides and head straight back to the stalls and stalls of animals, arts, and produce.  Normally we get there in time to catch the pig racing, but this year we were a little late and got there in time just to see the potbellied … Read More

Shopping Bag Cake

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A few weeks ago I got asked to make a shopping bag cake for a recent grad who was moving to New York to go work for Michael Kors. I must admit, when I was asked to make a Michael Kors, Bergdorf Goodman, and Yves Saint Laurant shopping bag cake, I felt a little over my head. Mostly because I never actually been to any of those stores (nor was I confident I even knew what the bags looked like). Each of the bags is made from a different flavor of cake and covered in fondant. The Bergdorf Goodman and … Read More

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