Star Wars Lego Cake

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I’ve promised each of the Abel kids one spectacular birthday cake, as long as they cash it in before their tenth birthday. Deadlines are approaching and flying by, so it was time to get some cake orders in. Jackson turned nine this year and for his birthday he requested this Star Wars Lego cake. This wasn’t the first time I’d made a Star Wars Lego cake, but the last time I made one was over seven years ago and made at a point in my life when I could pull all-nighters making cake without a tiny human clamoring for my attention. The last … Read More

Happy Purim!

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Last weekend, in preparation for Purim, Malice (derby name, not real name), Mr. Malice (derby name, not real name), and Ella (derby name and real name) came over to make hamantaschen. After having a nice lunch, we pulled out the rolling pins, found our cookie cutters, and got down to business. Everyone has her favorite flavor. Mine is the traditional poppyseed, some like raspberry jam, strawberry jelly, or even nutella. Sometimes I go on a limb and add chocolate chips to my hamantaschen. I’m a mavrick, I know. It was Malice’s first time making hamantaschen and I think she mastered … Read More

SND – Tamales

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Andrew loves tamales. I’d never really eaten them until he bought some at a local store on the way up to Lake Tahoe one summer. Ever since then, whenever we talk about tamales, he always tells me how much he loves them but how hard they are to make. So after hearing this again and again, I finally thought, “Challenge accepted!”. After doing some research, I finally settled on the recipe from Serious Eats for green chili and pork tamales. It looked to be a little time consuming, but I figured I could break it up over two days and … Read More

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